January 06, 2017

18 inch Doll Sewing and Beds+Book Tutorial and Printable

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This Christmas, I went a little bit crazy making things for my older girls' 18 inch dolls. I kept getting ideas for outfits and accessories. If you follow me on Pinterest, you probably saw way more than you wanted to of 18 inch doll related pins. Sorry!

My favorite project was building these beds. This is the first thing I've ever built from scratch, and although they're not perfect, I'm really proud of how they turned out. I cut the wood, drilled and added the screws (except for the first drill hole, which was my husband showing me how), filled the holes, and painted all myself. You can find the free plans for the bed here.

I also made the bedding. I sewed a quilt, fitted sheet, pillow, and pillowcase for each bed. I also added some pom pom trim around the quilt.

The pillow was just two white rectangles sewn together and stuffed, with a pillowcase sewn to fit.

I used some foam I had leftover from another project to cut a mattress to fit the bottom board of the bed.

Then I kind of winged it using a fitted crib sheet pattern to make the fitted sheet. I wanted to do a flat sheet, but I ran out of time and fabric.

I also made each doll a set of pajamas using Butterick 6123. It comes with girl size pajama patterns too if you want to do the matchy thing.

I also made some clothes. The jacket is the Le Maris coat from Liberty Jane. I grabbed it when it was the free download on Pixie Faire. They have a free pattern most Fridays. The dress is the free Chloe dress. I used the smaller size, and it ended up being pretty snug. I don't know if it was the pattern itself was too small or that it just didn't print right on my printer. Just something to watch out for.

This is also the Le Maris coat, with the original length, and a shortened version of the Chloe Dress. The leggings are a free pattern from Gracious Threads.

These are all different views of the same Simplicity pattern, Simplicity 0173. The heart is a freezer paper stencil with Martha Stewart gold paint mixed with gold glitter paint.

Same simplicity pattern, with a silver paint/glitter heart and a different skirt.

I also made some backpacks. The backpack pattern is free from Many Small Friends. I also made some pencils by painting some bamboo lollipop sticks. 
The books I made myself, and the tutorial follows.

First, download one (or more) covers and print.

Cut out around the outside edge of the cover, cutting out the little squares in the corners.

Cut a piece of heavy paper (I used a folder) the size of the solid black lines on the cover.

Fold the cover over the heavy paper along the black lines and glue in place. You can also add contact paper over the cover to make it a little more durable.

Glue the cover in place.

Fold along the spine, letting a little of the spine show on the front cover to form a book cover shape.

Cut small stacks of paper to about the size of the cover, and sew down the middle, then fold in half to make pages for your book. I made several small stacks per book. You can trim them to fit the cover if you need to.

Glue the pages to the spine of the book. I used a glue gun. Glue the front and back page to the cover of the book.

There you go! Books for your doll.

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Michele Hedin said...

The girls will remember this Christmas gift the rest of their lives.

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