December 26, 2016

Knit Fabric Outfits

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JoAnn's has a line of fabric for children, and the price on the knit fabric is pretty good if you get it on sale. It's hard to find cute printed knit for a good price. This shrinks a lot in the wash and the stretch recovery isn't the best, but for around $5 a yard, I'll take it!

I made this little dress with the Anytime Tee from Shwin designs (free when I reviewed it a few years ago), and added a circle skirt to it.

This is a Simplicity peplum pattern, the same one I used to make her Halloween costume. It is supposed to have a zipper in the back, but with the knit, I just cut it on the fold instead, and it's been fine. It's actually one of her favorite shirts.

Aren't they cute?

This outfit was made with a combination of JoAnn's fabric and some fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabric from a contest I won. I used the monkey leggings and the hood from the Lisse hoodie from New Horizons Designs (both given to me when I tested them) and the recess raglan from See Kate Sew. The shirt design was inspired by something I saw from @snugasabugclothes on Instagram.

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