December 28, 2016

Christmas Dresses

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This year I decided to go with solid colors for my kids' Christmas outfits. I ended up using all patterns I've tested (so all the patterns were given to me), and two of them were pretty old.

This one is the Big Bow Dress from One Little Minute. I used the chest size, and didn't make any adjustments for length and it ended up being a cute little vintage length (because she's two and fits into the 12 month size).

For this dress, I used the Tiny Bubbles Dress from Blank Slate patterns. It's an older pattern, and I had to make some changes to get it to work the way I wanted to (the biggest problem I ran into was the armscythe-it was super tight, and caused a lot of weird pulling and needed several adjustments), but it turned out how I envisioned it in the end. 

This is how most of the pictures of her turned out.

These two are much more willing to pose for me. The red dress is the Saumur Dress that I tested earlier this year.

And here they are. I wanted to get pictures before the weather turned cold, so I ran out of time for handmade for my son, which is usually how it goes for him.

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Michele Hedin said...

They are all adorable!

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