October 15, 2016

Clara Top Pattern Review

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I've made the Clara Top from Violette Field Threads several times. This one I made with fabric from Hobby Lobby.

I really like the ruffled bodice, but there are issues with this pattern. Now that I've made it so much, and in different sizes, I'm pretty sure it's the pattern and not just me. I really don't like writing negative things about patterns, but I also want to share my concerns with this one so anyone interested in purchasing it can make an informed decision.

I have the baby size range of the pattern. I don't know if the same things occur in the larger size range.

The shoulder seams don't line up, and I have trim the fabric to fit. At first I thought it was a tracing error, but I have it every time and in every size I make it. The shoulder seam also sits pretty far forward. I didn't notice before, because of the ruffles covering it, but I think the shoulder of the front should be raised a little and the shoulder on the back shortened. The front pattern piece also has an error-the grainline arrow isn't parallel to the fold line. So either that's a mistake, or you're supposed to fold the fabric in some weird, off-grain, but not on the bias way.

That said, I haven't been able to find a pattern with a similar design that I like better, and once it's done, it fits well, so I'll keep using this one. 

This one was a gift. For fit pictures with another version I made, go here.

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