September 05, 2016

Pajama Solutions

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This probably won't be relevant for most of you, but I'm posting it because maybe it will be helpful for someone else.

My son has autism, and sometimes we have trouble keeping his pajamas on at night. So after some trail and error, we came up with a solution. It's been working so far (knock on wood!).

I came up with the idea for this because of those snap pajamas where you can snap the shirt to the pants. I tried snaps first, and they didn't work, so then I tried buttons and button holes. Success! Now he keeps his pajamas on all night.

The shirt buttons to the shorts, and since I used the same buttons, the shirts and shorts are interchangeable. They're comfy too. He still wears pull ups, so the button doesn't irritate his skin.

I sewed the buttons on the inside of the shorts so that they're less visible and more difficult to access. The button hole is backed with twill tape to help stabilize it.

Here are the buttons all around the shorts. I sewed them on with my machine, so it didn't take too long to make two sets. Now he keeps his pajamas on all night, and we don't have any messy surprises in the morning. Now if we can just figure out a way to get him to leave his sheets on his bed.

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Sarah said...

Great idea! Thank you for sharing it. :D

Michele Hedin said...

Great idea! You could use that for some day time clothes if they don't have belt loops.

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