August 02, 2016

Pool Party + Free Printables

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We just moved into a home with a pool, so I decided to take advantage of that and host a pool party!

Check out my Party board on Pinterest for a lot more ideas. These are the ones I used. Some are taken from Pinterest, and some are variations, and some are my own ideas.

There are printables at the end of this post. They are free, and you're welcome to share, but if you share, please share the link to this post rather than the link to the actual file.

cupcakes in a row

First up, the food!

These cupcakes are really simple to make. First off, I recommend this tutorial. I've tried and tried frosting cupcakes, and this finally made everything click for me. I used a cake mix and then the frosting was just margarine (because it was for kids-otherwise I'd use butter), powdered sugar, a bit of cream, and lots of blue food coloring. Once they're frosted, stick a teddy graham in a peachy-o and plop it on top of the cupcake. It's nice because it also helps cover up any flaws in the frosting.

Four cupcakes on a white background seen from above. The cupcakes have blue frosting, a candy ring, and a teddy bear cracker in the middle of the ring.

 Then I went with a pool/ocean theme for the rest of the food. This picture shows the sharks and minnows (like the pool game). I just stuck a bowl on top of a plate, filled the bowl with goldfish crackers, then put blue gummy sharks around the rim of the plate. You know, because the sharks are about to eat the minnows.

I saw this one in several places. Colored licorice in a tall glass equals pool noodles.

Ritz around a plate makes some nice pool mats. These Ritz went in a circle around my dip.

For the dip, I taped the "seaweed dip" label to a toothpick and stuck the toothpick in the tip. The dip I set in a bowl filled with ice to keep it cool. The dip is just Tostitos spinach dip.

A bowl of popcorn equals a coral reef. So I was going to make caramel corn, but I ran out of time. Popcorn is great for kids, though, and plain popcorn is a lot less messy!

For my drink, I did pool water, and put it in this cute glass jar I found at Wal-mart. It has a little wicker basket looking stand, which was perfect for my beachy/pool theme. It's just blue Hawaiian punch. I also added Swedish fish, which wasn't the best idea, because they don't float. They stayed on top of the ice a little, but as soon as the ice started to melt, down they went. 

These are some nutter butter flip flops. I did a little frosting line up and then back down on the top half of the nutter butter, then added a different color flower (just loops of frosting) and a small frosting dot in the center of the flower. I used a number 1 piping tip.

I saw this tip on the tutorial above. Stick the piping bag in a cup, and then fill with frosting. So much less messy! Here are the bags in the glasses being filled with frosting.

Here are my filled frosting bags. I used three different colors, and I only made a half batch of frosting to frost a family size package of nutter butters. I had lots left over.

Here's my treat table with all of the food sitting on it, minus the cupcakes, which I brought out later.

The foods described above, all set on a table covered in a blue plastic tablecloth. There are also green and blue napkins, white cups with different colored balloons, and white plates with black rims that say "Happy Birthday" on them. 

Party Favors

These party favors are pretty simple. I just tied some swim goggles to a bubble wand with some ribbon, and added a card that said "Thanks for coming to my party."
The picture shows pink goggles and a long purple bubble tube. Tied to the tube and goggles is a card that says "thanks for coming to my party" with printed cupcakes in the background. The card is tied on with gold, pink, and purple ribbon.

Then I put all of the favors into a little beach pail, and done! 

Several party favors, similar to the one above, but in different colors. The favors are all in a blue plastic bucket on a wood floor.


This game was fun, but it needs a certain kind of pool. I just found a bunch of bath toys that float. They're all different animals, but you could use rubber ducks and have the kids all write their name on the bottom. I had all the kids pick an animal, and then stuck them at the top of the waterfall on our pool. Then I turned on the waterfall and we saw which animal got to the bottom first. You could also do this if you have one of those spas that flows over into the pool. Or you could have the kids make their own waves to race their animals.
The picture shows a basket with different plastic animals inside it. 

This one was just a simple relay. We divided into three teams and relay raced across the pool. I had one of the floaties already, and the other two just came from the dollar store. Bonus: you could use them as prizes if you want.

Three animal pool floats. On the left is a green frog, in the middle, a blue bird, and on the right is a yellow dinosaur. In the background is a pool.

 This one is an adaptation of a game I saw on Pinterest. Basically, it's water basketball. I made three pool noodles into three rings, and found some small playground balls in a three pack at Wal-Mart.

Three blue rings stacked on top of each other. Next to them are three balls, one red, one orange and one blue. In the background is a swimming pool.

I taped the noodle into a circle with duct tape. I got some pink unicorn duct tape to make it a little more interesting (and less thrown together looking maybe?)

Blue ring with pink tape around one section of it. The tape has white unicorns and rainbows scattered on it.

Just pull the ends of the pool noodle together, then wrap the duct tape around it until it holds.

Blue ring in the foreground with pink tape wrapped around it. The tape has white unicorns and rainbows on it. In the backgound are two more rings and three balls, one blue, one orange and one red. Behind that is a swimming pool out of focus.

Then I just set the pool noodle rings in the water and had the kids throw the ball into the rings.

Orange ball inside a blue ring floating on water

This one just uses those plastic balls for ball pits. We have a storage bin full of the rainbow colored plastic balls.

Different colored balls in a dark plastic storage bin

Just throw them all in the pool and have the kids see how many they can get. To add variety, you could award different points for different colors of balls, or divide them into teams and limit the number of balls they can bring back at a time or something.

Different colored balls floating in a swimming pool.

labels (blank)
labels (group 1)
labels (group 2)
party favors
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