July 20, 2016

Leralynn Dress from Blank Slate Patterns

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Pattern Source: Free for testing. I also received a coupon code for another free pattern from Blank Slate Patterns.

I helped to test the new Leralynn Dress from Blank Slate patterns. It's a loose shift dress with a couple of different options. I was involved in the first round of testing, and there were a few issues that were later worked out, so make sure you check out other testers' versions to see what the final version looks like!
me facing in the direction of the camera looking down with my hands in my pockets. my dress is light blue, knee length, with two white lines of stitching going down the front. the hood is lined in white fabric with green leaves.

I made the hooded version with welt pockets. There is a center seam going down the front, which is a great way to add trim or decorative stitching. My machine had some trouble with the bulkiness of the pockets, which made the decorative stitching uneven, so if your machine likes everything to be perfectly even, then maybe go with trim rather than decorative stitching.

me in the same dress, hands in pockets, but my head is cropped

I like the length of the dress. Melissa drafted it long, so you can shorten it as you need, but since I'm really tall, I actually ended up adding a bit of length to get it to hit right at the top of my knee. 

                                           me in the same dress, hands in pockets, but my head is turned to the side and cropped above my chin

The sleeves are capped, but they are part of the main dress, so you don't have to worry about setting any sleeves, which makes it a pretty quick sew for a woman's dress. Also make sure you check out the information at the beginning of the pattern. It will help you get the perfect fit for your unique shape.

You can buy the pattern here.

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