June 15, 2016

Summer Bimaa and Knit Shorties

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I'm over at Make It and Love It today with a tutorial for these little knit shorties. I made several pairs when I was creating the tutorial, but she didn't have anything to go with them, so I made this summery version of the Bimaa sweater.

The fabric for the shorties I won in a giveaway, but it's no longer available. It's a pretty basic print, so if you're really wanting something made with gray stripes, you could probably find something similar. Raspberry Creek Fabrics has something like it in their CLUB line.
I had some leftover feather print knit fabric, and it was just enough to make a Bimaa, since I was doing short sleeves.

I really love cute little baby legs in these knit shorties, and they're so easy to make. 
The Bimaa was pretty easy too. All I did was cut the sleeves shorter and the sleeve band longer. It was a super easy alteration.

I like the hood too. As long as I call it a hat, she'll wear it, and it does a pretty good job keeping the sun off of her face. And yes, those are diving rings she's holding. She thinks they're hers, and everyone else has the job of getting them for her.

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