June 27, 2016

Lavish Fabrics Dresses

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Sources: Hanami Dress pattern was free for testing
               Simplicity Dress pattern I purchased
               Fabric I purchased from Raspberry Creek

 I have been eyeing the Lavish line of fabric by Katarina Rocella for months, and when I saw it at Raspberry Creek Fabric, I grabbed two prints to make my girls some dresses.

This one is made with a Simplicity pattern. It's Simplicity 5226, but cropped to knee length. I also used snaps instead of buttons. One, because I'm lazy and I find that snaps are much easier to install than buttons. Two, because the pink snaps matched, and I didn't have matching buttons. I have a hard time, sometimes, getting commercial patterns to fit right, but this one actually seemed to fit like it was supposed to.

This second one is the Hanami Dress by Straight Grain Patterns. I really love this dress. The design of the cross back with the little flutter sleeves is so pretty! I actually helped to test it, and when I went looking for my post, I will say that I think my sewing has improved. A lot. Also, check out the first time I tried the Simplicity pattern. So yeah, I'm not perfect at sewing, but it is good to see that I am capable of improvement.

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