June 18, 2016

Fourth of July Romper

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The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday to sew outfits for. I just think those patriotic outfits are so cute! That being said, the clothes my two older girls and my son wore last year still fit, so it's just the baby that gets a new outfit this year.

This is the Sommer Romper from Violette Field Threads. I loved the shorts, so I grabbed it when it was on sale for the release.

It has a contrast yoke, but I just used the same fabric. I cut it on the bias so that I wouldn't have to worry about pattern matching. I also added a little piece of lace down the middle of the yoke.

Happy Fourth of July!

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1 comment:

Chelle said...

I Love this look!! That tiny pom trim is to cry for!

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