June 08, 2016

Flower Crown Tutorial

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Here's a guest post I did a little while ago for the Ribbon Retreat. They send me products for free in exchange for a tutorial using the products. Check out their blog for lots of fun ideas!

Also, if you want to make a flower crown with their flowers, I suggest watching for sales. Follow them on social media, and you'll be the first to know. They have them fairly regularly.

I just love all the gorgeous flowers at the Ribbon Retreat, and I knew I wanted to use them to create this flower crown. 

A lot of the crowns I've seen are worn, well, like a crown. This one is a little different. It's made with a satin wrapped metal headband. It helps it to stay on better in my opinion, although all those flowers make it a little heavy! I'd recommend it for girls who are a little older-it was a little too heavy for my toddler to wear.

You can easily customize it to fit your needs with all the different flowers available from The Ribbon Retreat. I think it would be perfect for a special occasion!

Ready to make your own? Let's get started!

First, assemble your supplies. You will need:

Satin wrapped headband
Green and white felt
Glue gun and glue sticks

Use the green felt to make leaves. Cut a rectangle out of the white felt a couple of inches wide and the length you want the flowers to go on the headband. Remember, you can always trim it later!

I love these flowers, but I wanted to arrange them around the headband, so I cut them in half. This is totally optional.

Glue the white rectangle of felt on the underside of the headband. This will give you a base for the flowers.

Arrange the flowers how you'd like them before you start adding them to the headband.

Then start gluing away. You want to glue them pretty close together so you don't have gaps where the white felt will show through. Use a little bit of glue, especially if you want to add leaves later.

Here it is with all the flowers glued on. Go back over it and make sure all the flowers are glued on securely, adding more glue if needed. You can leave it as is if you want.

Or add some felt leaves! I have a die cut machine that I used to cut mine out with. Just insert them in between flowers or where ever you want them.

Kick back and enjoy your flower crown!


Michele Hedin said...

I think it would be very pretty for a wedding, especially for a flower giro to weqr.

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