May 19, 2016

Summer Romper Free Pattern

Have you seen the Summer Romper free pattern from Purl Soho? I've been making several of them for summer!

I find that they run a tad on the small side. I also cut the waist elastic slightly shorter than the pattern calls for, but other than that, I don't make any adjustments.

This one I used purchased bias tape instead of making my own with the fabric I'm using. I don't really recommend that. Purchased bias tape tends to be from a cheaper, thinner fabric, and I don't know how well it's going to hold up this summer. Certainly not as well as the higher quality cottons I used for the rest of the romper.

I also made it in a mid-weight fabric, and that worked well too. Check out my Instagram feed (@mamasayssewblog) to see a picture of that one!

The fabric only calls for 1/4 inch seam allowances, and the format reminds me of a crochet or knitting pattern (which makes sense, if you look at where it's coming from). I think it's a great pattern, made even better by being free!

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1 comment:

Michele Hedin said...

I've never thought of a romper using two different fabrics but it's a great look.

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