April 06, 2016

Spring Lady Skater Dress

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Pattern was free. I received all the Pattern Parcel #1 patterns free when I sewed up a pattern to help promote the bundle.

I've sewn up the Lady Skater dress a couple of times before (see here and here), but this is the first time I've actually made it as it's originally made.

I made it with an Art Gallery knit from Sew Caroline, Chalk and Paint. It's such a pretty, springy fabric, and was perfect for a new spring dress. I really love Art Gallery knits. This was my first time sewing with them, and they are a dream to work with. They're soft and a good weight, and my finicky machine sewed this fabric without a problem.

I added a little length to the top and a lot to the skirt. I usually purchase skirts and tops instead of dresses because I'm so tall and it's hard to find something that fits right, so it was nice to be able to sew something that was long enough! 
The pattern did have lengthen/shorten lines, but the one for the skirt was a little confusing. It didn't go all the way across the pattern piece, and since it's a circle skirt, I wasn't entirely sure where to cut to lengthen. 

Fabric Source: Hawthorne Threads

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