March 29, 2016

Bunny Mask and Bunny Ear Headband for Spring

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Project supplies were all provided for free as part of my participation in the Ribbon Retreat's Blogger Challenge.

Below is a post that I wrote for the Ribbon Retreat's spring blogger challenge. The link for voting is now up on their blog (go here) and they're also hosting a giveaway to go along with it. Head over to vote for your favorite project and enter to win some great prizes!

When I got my package of supplies, I decided to make a few Easter accessories for my girls.

I couldn't decide if I wanted to make a bunny mask or a bunny ear headband, so I decided to go with both since there were plenty of goodies to choose from!

The mask ties in the back with some of the ribbon from the pink ribbon grab bag, which makes it easily adjustable for anyone who wants to wear it. It even worked for me!

I wanted to dress up the bunny ears a little, so I used some of the gorgeous flowers to make a flower garland on the headband.

All the supplies came from The Ribbon Retreat, except for the headband and the pink felt on the bunny headband ears and the bunny mask nose (although you can get them there-they just didn't come in the package!)

Here's how to make your own!

First, the mask. 

Draw a pattern for your mask. I just traced another mask I had and altered it to look like a bunny rabbit.

Cut your mask out of felt. You want a double layer of the main mask part. I also cut out the nose and snout (I don't think bunnies have a snout, but what else do you call it??), and I cut out the pink ear from some ribbon.

Glue on the pink ears and outline it in pom pom trim.

Cut some ribbon for the ties, and sandwich it between the two main mask pieces. Stitch around the outside of the mask.

Add the bunny nose pieces.

Using a washable fabric marker, draw on some whiskers and go over them in black thread. I just sewed with my machine. I started close to the nose, sewed to the end, and stopped with my needle in the fabric. Then I pivoted the fabric (with the needle still down) and sewed back the other way along my first stitching line. You can do each side of whiskers without cutting your thread. Just make sure to pivot with the needle in the fabric.

Then you can add some accessories to your mask.

Voila! Bunny mask done.

For the bunny ear headband, draw a pattern. I just free-handed mine. You'll cut on the fold, and the folded area will wrap around the headband.

Cut two ears and two pink ear contrast pieces.

Glue on the ear contrast and outline it in the pompom trim. Note: only one side of the ear will have the pink contrast.

Wrap each ear around the headband and glue in place.

One ear done.

Once both ears are on, glue some flowers to the headband. You'll want to glue them to the ears too. That will help the ears stand up straight instead of flopping all over the place.

And bunny ear headband done!

Enjoy your new Easter accessories!

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