January 07, 2016

Sewing for 18 inch Dolls with Free Patterns

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Pattern at the bottom of the post (Endless Dress from Jocole) was free to me for helping test. 

Last year for Christmas, my daughter got an 18 inch doll (the knock-off version, not the super expensive version), and I planned on sewing some clothes for it. But, you know, life happened and I didn't sew any until this Christmas, when her little sister got one too.

The doll is wearing a couple of free patterns (these cuffed leggings and this t-shirt pattern), and my daughter has a version of the Bimaa Sweater and some leggings from a Simplicity pattern. I added a ruffled band at the bottom of the sweater instead of the normal bottom band from the pattern.

The nice thing about doll clothes is they are great for using up scraps. The shirts above and below are made with the t-shirt pattern (one with long sleeves) and the leggings are the cuffed leggings. I also added a little matching headband.

This dress and the next one are the Endless Dress pattern from Jocole. I used snaps, and I added a continuous lap to the skirt of the dress so it would open up a little wider.

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Michele Hedin said...

I bet your girls love dressing their dolls with these cute clothes.

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