January 25, 2016

My Little Valentine Ribbon Ruffled Bodysuit and Headband

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The ribbon and flower clip supplies were provided for free so I could write the tutorial. The pattern for the bodysuit was free for helping to test it.

This was a guest post for The Ribbon Retreat last year, but I never got around to publishing it on my blog. I think it was about this time last year my baby came down with RSV and was having lots of trouble sleeping, so that's my excuse. Also, wow, she was tiny!

It features one of the Ribbon Retreat's gorgeous flowers and some satin ribbon and a few other supplies. It's easily adaptable for other holidays. Just pick some different colored ribbon and you're good to go!

I have a cutting machine that I used to do some freezer paper stenciling on the top with gold paint mixed with a fabric paint medium. If you don't have a machine to cut out the letters for you, you could adapt it to something simpler, like a heart.

For this project, you will need:

white onesie (I made mine; you could also go with store-bought)

Cut your ribbon to about 1.5 to 2 times the width of your bodysuit and run a gathering stitch along the top of each ribbon strip.
Note: Satin is kind of a finicky fabric. Use a small ball point needle for this project. Also, since satin isn't the best fabric to wash, you probably should hand wash this project.

Starting with your bottom color, attach your ribbon to the back side of your bodysuit. Line the layers up close together. Since I made my bodysuit, I attached the ribbon before sewing it up and so left the ends of the ribbon raw. If you are using a store bought bodysuit, you might want to heat seal the ends and sew them down as well.

 Keep adding ribbon rows until you have as many as you like.

Mine extended past the edges so that I could enclose them in the seam allowance. Again, if you're using a store bought bodysuit, you'll need to finish these ends.

When I sewed up the side seam, I made sure the ribbon was going in the same direction so it would lay flat.

Then I trimmed the excess ribbon and finished sewing the bodysuit.

For the flower hair accessory, you need the flower, a rhinestone, and a clip.

Open up the center of the flower.

Glue the rhinestone in the center.

Glue the double pronged clip to the back and attach it to your headband and your baby will be the cutest one around for Valentine's Day!

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