December 16, 2015

Gertie's Soda Shop Dress Release

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Pattern was free for helping test.

I haven't been testing a lot of patterns lately, but I was excited to test Gertie's Soda Shop Dress. It features a Madeira applique collar, which is a technique I've never tried before.

For this dress, it is important to use a fabric that is a natural fiber so that you can get a good crease for the applique. Even with the natural fiber, I used starch to help everything stay in place. The instructions also call for water soluble thread to use for basting, so that you can just spritz it and the thread will dissolve. That would probably be easier, but I just used a regular thread and pulled out my basting stitches.

This was the first round of testing, so the fit wasn't perfect, but it has been fixed in the final version of the pattern. 

Also, the skirt is super full. It has an amazing twirl factor! She loves it and wears it all the time. 

Gertie's Soda Shop Dress is on sale for the release, so get it soon if you want it for only $5.

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1 comment:

Michele Hedin said...

I love this dress!

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