October 16, 2015

The Hudson Pant

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Pattern was free as part of a bundle I helped promote awhile ago (Pattern Parcel I think.)

I've had the Hudson Pant pattern from True Bias, and I finally decided to make a pair. I've always had a hart time making lounge pants, because what's the point in taking the time to make a pair of pants that no one is going to see? But a lounge pant that is okay to wear in public? That I can get behind?

Here are some attempts at taking pictures of myself in the pants. Also, a cute baby prop. 

I went by my hip measurement for these, and they did come out a bit on the roomy side, which is fine, but I think I may go down a size next time. 

I didn't have a drawstring, so I just made one using some of the ribbing. It's decorative rather than functional, and I didn't want to wait to wear these until I made a trip to the store, so improvising was a yes.

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