October 09, 2015

Some Freezer Paper Stenciling

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Baby bodysuit pattern was free for helping test.

Every so often I get out my Silhouette for some freezer paper stenciling. Really, that's about the only thing I use it for. But anyway, here are a couple of my recent forays into freezer paper stenciling.

This one is pretty straight forward. Also, I can't believe she's one. Good grief, it seems like a few days ago I was making her these Star Wars bodysuits (also freezer paper stenciling).

This one is me using up left over rainbow fabric from this costume. I knew I wanted to do a unicorn because, unicorns and rainbows. Then I saw a t-shirt with a unicorn that said "For Real" and it was perfect. 

And some cute baby toes for good measure.

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Stone Cottage Adventures said...

Oh, how CUTE!! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Terra Sews said...

Thanks, Marci!

Michele Hedin said...

Love these!

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