October 15, 2015

Snow White and The Evil Queen Halloween Costumes

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Anytime Tee Pattern was free for a previous review.

This year for Halloween, my daughter wanted to be The Evil Queen, and wanted her little sister to be Snow White, so here are their costumes.

It all starts with a poisoned apple from the Evil Queen for the little princess...

The Evil Queen gives the princess the apple and says, "Mom, she thinks I'm being nice! She doesn't know I'm the Evil Queen!"

Evil Queen or not, I think that's a pretty loving face and nice big sister.

And the little princess sure loved her apples.

Maybe a little too much. She got a little upset when we moved her and the apples over to the grass.

Here's the Evil Queen watching the little princess eat the apple. The Evil Queen said, "The birds are flying away. They must know I'm the Evil Queen!"

*Evil laugh* from the Evil Queen!

To make the dresses, I started with a couple of patterns. The Evil Queen is a Simplicity pattern for a peplum top that I lengthened into a dress. I also added circle sleeves. I drafted them the same way I would a circle skirt, then sewed them to the sleeve ends. Snow White's dress is a hack of the Anytime Tee from Shwin Designs. The bodice is made from a stretch faux velvet, and the skirt is made with yellow broadcloth overlaid with yellow glitter tulle.

The Evil Queen's crown I made using the lace crown tutorial from girl. inspired, and the hat thing is made using a beanie as a guide-I just added a neck cuff and the little point in the front.

Snow White's headband is from this post.

A tutorial for the slashed sleeves follows.

If your sleeve isn't full enough to be gathered, add fullness. The under sleeve should be fuller. Cut four of the outer sleeves and two of the under sleeves.

Cut some holes in the sleeves for the under sleeve to poke through. Note: I cut and then sewed, but it might work better to draw a sewing line with a fabric marking pen, sew, then cut.

With right sides together, sew around the holes for the slashed sleeves, then turn right side out and press.

Run gathering stitches along the top and bottom of the sleeves, over lapping the bottom edges slightly. Run gathering stitches along the top and bottom of the undersleeves.

With right sides facing up (so the undersleeve right side shows through the slashes in the sleeve), pulling up gathering stitches so that both sleeves are equal and will fit the curve of the armscythe. Baste together along the top and bottom of the sleeve.

Cut a binding strip and use it to finish the bottom edge of the sleeve.

Insert your sleeve into your bodice and proceed as usual.

For the cape, I used this picture as a starting point. It was pretty simple to draft. I used the Sally Dress bodice as a reference.

I cut the front and back pieces on the fold, and the front had a section cut out. Cut one front and one back from the lining and one each from the main fabric.

Place the front and back pieces right sides together. Sew across the shoulder seams and down the sides on the lining and repeat for the main fabric pieces.

Line up the lining and the main cape pieces with right sides together and sew along all the raw edges except for the neck opening (so along the bottom and up the sides and across the chest on the front) and turn right side out.

Cut out a collar piece. I just winged mine. The bottom was about as wide as the back half of the neck opening. I cut two pieces from my fabric and two pieces from heavy interfacing because I wanted it to be nice and stiff. Line the fabric with the interfacing and sew with right sides together along the top and sides of the collar, then turn the collar right sides out.

Baste the collar to the neck opening, and continue basting all the way around, so the lining is basted to the main fabric.

Make a neck band out of the main fabric-note: if your fabric doesn't stretch, cut it on the bias. Attach it like you would a crew neck band on a shirt, sandwiching the collar between the cape and the neck band, with the top of the collar facing down.

Fold the neck band down to the inside of the cape, so that the collar stands up, and stitch in place. Done!

P.S. I got costume satin for the price, but dang, it is a pain to work with. 

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Michele Hedin said...

Lots of creative thinking went into these costumes. Grest for some fun play times and pretending.

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