October 02, 2015

Sewing With Paper Patterns: Part 3

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The fabric in the last picture was free from Organic Cotton Plus for a review I did previously.

Today I'm going to discuss the pattern instructions briefly. Since projects vary so widely, I'm not going to go into specifics, but just give an example of what the instructions look like and what to look out for.


The instructions all include line drawings that are numbered according to the step number. They are pretty helpful once you get used to reading them, because they show exactly where your stitching is supposed to go, and it's easier to tell what is the wrong and right side,  whereas with a picture from a camera, that can get confusing. 

You'll want to look for where the pattern directions start for your project. Here it says bonnet, but sometimes it will say something like Dress C or Pants D or even Pants D or Skirt C if they start the same. Also, there will be a guide at the start of the pattern that explains some of the symbols used. For example, step 2 shows a pattern piece that has been interfaced. In step 3, where you've turned the project right side out, you can tell it's the right side because it's shaded.

The pattern directions can get a little confusing if some of the views are similar, so you need to pay attention. For example, since I was making bonnet view C, I skipped step 5 and went to step 6. Then both views would pick back up in step 7.

And here's the finished bonnet. I hope this has made sewing with paper patterns a little less intimidating! Give them a shot. They're really great to sew with.

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