October 27, 2015

Game Day Shirt + How to Sew on Buttons With A Sewing Machine

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I bought some team fabric to make this tie for my son, and I bought way more than I needed so that the print would be going in the right direction. I wanted to use it, so I cut out an Ethan Shirt with it. I didn't have much to work with, so the placket is sideways and the print doesn't really match up anywhere (and the collar is upside down, which is my fault for not paying attention). But we still like it.

Okay, so here's how to sew on a button with your machine. You don't need any special equipment-just your regular foot and a zig zag stitch. This isn't the "right" way to sew on a button, but it works, and it's so much faster than doing it by hand.

First, mark where you want the button. I use a fabric marker. It's the light blue dot above.

Place the button over the mark, and carefully place it under the presser foot. With the presser foot still raised, carefully lower the needle into one of the button holes. The trick is do do this without moving the button.

Lower the presser foot so that the button stays in place. Then you want to set your machine to a zig zag stitch. Set the length to zero, and play with the width until the width is the same as the space between the button holes. I use the hand crank to move the needle and adjust the width until it's correct. Then just sew. The needle will just go back and forth (since the length is 0) between the button holes. If you have a button with four holes, just do two side by side, then move the button a little until you're in position to do the other two.

Cut the threads and repeat for all the other buttons. You won't have to adjust the width again if you're using the same buttons, but I still walk the machine a time or two to make sure I've got the button in the right place.

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Michele Hedin said...

That is one good-looking shirt!

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