October 29, 2015

Fox Dress Tutorial

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I've seen some different pieces of clothing made with a fox face as the bodice, and I thought it was a lot of fun, so I decided to recreate it. I paired the fox bodice with some Riley Blake fox fabric.

Then we went on a little nature walk to take pictures. She had lots of fun peeking out of her fort!

I made a little fox mask to go with it. The skirt has a short, vintage looking length to it, mostly because that's all I had fabric for.

This is where I found the fox mask. I adapted it a little, and sewed instead of glued it together.

Here's how to make your own fox dress.

First, trace the pattern you'd like to use onto freezer paper. I used a McCall's Dress pattern.

Draw a curved line for the fox cheeks. Make sure to leave enough room for the underarm seam allowance.

Trace your cheek shape, adding a seam allowance along the curve to make your cheek pattern piece.

Cut out four cheek pieces (two mirror images), and sew with right sides together along the curved edge. Trim, turn, and press.

Pin your cheek pieces to the bodice front.

Top stitch along the curved edges. You can also baste the straight edges of the cheek and bodice together. Then just continue as the pattern directs, treating the bodice as you would any other bodice piece. Sew on button eyes and a nose at the end.

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