September 10, 2015

Shirts for Me

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I've been doing a little sewing for myself. I picked up a couple of patterns when they were on sale for $1 and actually used them. Which is not the norm. I learned to sew with paper patterns, so I'm okay with using them.

This first one is Simplicity 1072. It's not obvious from the pictures, but there's a seam that goes down the front of the shirt on both sides, kind of like a princess seam but pointy. This pattern is made for a more stable knit, but this turned out to be a nice comfy shirt. I added the lace for a little feminine touch, but it's going to be great for casual fall dressing.

I went by my measurements on the pattern envelope, and it turned out a little more roomy than I planned. I'll go down a size next time. I also lengthened the sleeves, because I have the arms of a gorilla.

This one is Simplicity 1538. I've been wanting a button down shirt that fits since forever. Because store bought ones never fit. I had to add an inch above the waist and a couple more at the hem. I also added several inches to the sleeves. 

Here's a nice cuff picture, because my girls took these, and there weren't a lot that were usable. They were all really dark.

This was a muslin I made to test the fit. I got this fabric for $1 (score!), and I'm glad I did. Lots of errors, but it's still wearable. And the sleeves don't hit me a couple of inches above the wrist and it's long enough to stay tucked in. 

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