September 14, 2015

Rainbow Brite Costume

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Laila dress was free. I won it as part of PDF love in the PDF pattern sales and promotions group.

If you'd like to see the tutorial for the wig for this costume, you can check it out on Make It and Love It.

I have to admit, I've never seen an episode of Rainbow Brite. But my daughter wanted to be a rainbow fairy princess for Halloween, and this was easier. She wasn't so sure. Until she saw the stick horse. Then she was sold.

This costume is a bunch of different patterns all blended together to get something that looks like what it's supposed to.  I hope.

The dress is the Laila dress (the same pattern I used here). Amazing how much changing the fabric can change the look and feel of a pattern, right?

For the rainbow belt, I stacked some felt to make this little rainbow.

I attached some yellow fabric to the top of the bodice to make a fake yoke and some red to the bottom to make the belt. Then on goes the rainbow, and viola! Then I just sewed up the pattern pretty much as written. And yes, the invisible zipper lined up nicely again. Really love those instructions.

The stick horse is just a different version of the hobby horses I made here. I used different colors of yarn to give the horse a rainbow mane and I took the time to paint rainbow stripes on the stick. I also went over the stick with glitter acrylic paint a couple of times. It doesn't really show up in the pictures, but that stick is all glitter and rainbows.

Oh yes, and there's a star made from felt on the front of the horse's face. All you horse experts, I'm sure there's a proper term for that, but I don't know what it is.

The dress has a white band of fabric at the bottom. I also made a pair of Alex and Anna PJs from Peek-a-Boo pattern shop. They've come in handy for a Halloween costume before this. I got the rainbow fabric here. It was by far the most expensive part of this costume, but it made some cute pajamas that she can use even after Halloween. Also, I have enough left over that another little sister might get some rainbow pajamas too.

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Krista said...

Oh, this dress is gorgeous. I love it!

Sandra M said...

Thank you for the wig tutorial, just what I was looking for.

I will check out the dress tutorial as well. ;)

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