September 24, 2015

Cloud Pillow Tutorial

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Here's a fun pillow that is easy to make and goes great with this little sun pillow I made with ribbon loops.

I used fleece so that it would be soft and squishy and fun, but really any white (or gray or whatever!) fabric would work.

This little girl loves it! But don't worry, I don't leave her alone in her crib with pillows. They're actually a decoration on her window seat.

Here's how to whip one up.

Cut two pieces of fleece out in a cloud shape. Remember that once it's stuffed, it will be much longer and leaner, so make it fatter and rounder than you think you'll need it.

Sew around the edges, leaving an opening to turn and stuff.

Trim your seams and clip the corners.

Turn it right side out, stuff it, and then slip stitch it shut and you're done! 

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