September 02, 2015

Back to School Skinny Jeans

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Just about every year, I make some skinny jeans for back to school. See, for example, this post, this post, and this post. This year was no exception. I used some floral denim that I got at JoAnns for these.

I got the end of the bolt, so I had enough to make two pairs. My poor middle daughter felt a little left out. Until I let her come pick out some fabric for me to make something for her.

This denim was actually kind of a pain to work with. It was really stretchy-much stretchier than I expected. The waistbands on both pairs ended up kind of weird, even after I pressed them. But oh well. Kids this age don't usually keep their shirts tucked in anyway.

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Beth Cavanaugh said...

That printed denim is so fun--too bad it was a pain to work with, but you're right, nobody will ever see the waistband!

Paisley Roots said...

Love that print! They look adorable and yeah, no one will ever see the waistband! :D

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