May 26, 2015

Vintage Ruffles and Lace

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The peach fabric for the skirt I got as a prize (in the form of a gift certificate that I used for this fabric) for something a while ago, so it was free.

I just love the look of vintage clothing, so this is an attempt at making some ruffles and lace that look a little vintage, but with a modern feel too.

These are a couple of Violette Field Threads patterns. The blouse is the Madelyn and the skirt is the Vivienne pattern. 

The Madelyn is made for knits, but it has a size chart for wovens also. I had to go up quite a few sizes, which made it pretty long, and it was pretty snug at the bottom. I also didn't like the look of the back, so I added room in the back so that it would overlap, rather than just meeting at the center back. I did regular button holes rather than the loops the pattern called for.

I also added another layer of ruffles to the skirt and adjusted the waist band a little.

I also added some wooden buttons. Those really are vintage. Or thrifted, anyway.

Here's the skirt by itself.

And the blouse, complete with lace covered buttons. Those are my favorite part.

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doris daisy said...

You are the artist! I love your blog.

Terra Sews said...

Thank you!

BionicLadyNow1 said...

Thank you for your perfectly timed inspiration with this adorable ruffled skirt. It took me a year to get around to making a skirt for my best friend after she bought the denim then. When I saw your skirt, I knew how I wanted to make it for her. I'd love to send you a picture. Thanks again for sharing your creative efforts!

Terra Sews said...

I'd love to see it!

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