May 15, 2015

The Secret Garden Dress

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I've been on a buying hiatus, and here is another one of the patterns I've been meaning to sew up since I purchased it. It's the Secret Garden Dress. I got it because I loved the bow at the back. It's so feminine and sweet that I decided to use this vintage looking floral fabric to sew it up with.

The original pattern has a really deep V at the back, but I replaced that with an invisible zipper so that the dress would have more coverage in the back.

The instructions were great, although I did have a little bit of trouble understanding how to do the bow. It took a little fiddling to get it how I wanted it. Make sure you have your iron handy!

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Charity said...

That is really pretty!
I love that you swapped the V out for an invisible zipper. I was thinking I'd raise the V for my next version but I didn't think of just getting rid of it!
That fabric is really pretty too.

Krista said...

That is really beautiful!

Terra Sews said...

Thanks Charity! I went with the zipper, because I was worried that it wouldn't fit over her head if I just raised the V.

Terra Sews said...

Thanks Krista!

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