April 16, 2015

Tutu Cute Swimsuit

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Pattern was free for helping test.

The Tutu Cute Swimsuit is a new pattern from Peek-a-Boo pattern shop. I had the opportunity to test it, so keep in mind, this is a tester version-I know there were some changes made to the final version.

This is the second swimsuit I've sewn (see the first swimsuit here). I've still got some things to learn, like how to get the perfect fit, but I think they're so fun to sew. Swimsuit fabric is a little pricey, but you really don't need very much of it, so it really works out to be less expensive than buying a swimsuit at the beginning of the season.

This one has a couple of ruffles, one at the neckline, and one around the waist. You can also use tulle or nylon chiffon to make the swimsuit really look like a tutu.

The back has crisscross straps. These are a must in my opinion. We always have a hard time keeping straps that don't crisscross in place on swimsuits. We don't want any wardrobe malfunctions here.

I added some length, and I think I may have added too much. My measurements said I should have only gone up one size for length, but I was like, no way. She's always too long for her swimsuits. Oh well.  Room to grow!

I also made another one from striped fabric for my older girl, but it's been too cold to get modeled pictures.

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1 comment:

Kerry said...

Looks like two girls will be ready for the beach this summer!

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