April 30, 2015

Free Baby Moccasin Pattern

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I love those baby moccasins that are everywhere! They are so adorable. Also, I am married to a physical therapist, so he is adamant that if I'm putting shoes on babies, they have to be soft soled shoes. But I can't afford to buy a pair of moccasins for every outfit. I made these with faux leather from a lucky thrift store find-a purse that was only $1. Yep, that's right-hand made baby moccasins for only $1. And you can make some too! Although I can't guarantee that you'll find the purse for $1.

These don't look exactly like the real thing {although I think they could be a better match with some more tweaking}, but for a dollar, hey, why not?

The original pattern says its for sizes 0-6 months, but when I made these, they were way bigger. Probably more like 12-18 months. Because leather can be expensive, I highly recommend making at least one shoe out of some less expensive fabric to test fit first. You can also play around with the amount you take off the heel and adjust the toe to change the look. Think of this as more guidelines than hard and fast rules.

First, get the original soft soled shoe pattern here. Then download the fringe pieces here.

First you'll need to adapt the heel piece. Draw a line parallel to the ends about 1/2 inch in on both sides to shorten the heel piece.

Cut out all your pieces, including the fringe pieces and the adapted heel piece. Make sure to cut out two of each piece, and cut a left and right heel.

Match the right side of the long fringe piece with the wrong side of the heel piece and sew together as close as possible to the top edge. Trim if you need to.

Roll the fringe so that the wrong side is touching the right side of the heel piece and sew a straight line about 1/2 inch from the top to form an elastic casing.

Sew the small fringe to the toe of the shoe, matching top edges. Sew close to the top edge, then again below it to form a casing.

With right sides together, sew the heel to the sole, making sure to keep the fringe out of the way.

With right sides together, sew the toe to the sole.

Turn right side out.

Thread elastic through both casings so that it's in a loop. Adjust as needed and sew ends together.

Repeat for the other shoe and you have a cute pair of moccasins!

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