April 24, 2015

Fiona Suspender Shorts for Baby

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I am working on using the fabric in my stash. I've only purchased fabric twice this year, for the Valentine's Day outfit and the Easter outfit. You can join me on instagram with the hashtag sewingthroughmystash. I'm also sewing up patterns that I bought and then never used.

These Fiona Shorts are so cute. I love the ruffle on the sleeve and that they are bubble shorts. Perfect for showing off those cute chubby legs.

The back ties in a bow, or you can use buttons instead. Or just leave the suspenders off entirely. 

There are a couple of pieces that just have measurements, including the waistband, which means there wasn't a button hole placement guide. And I was off when I measured, so my buttons are off-center, but I figured no one's going to notice when she's wearing them.

All in all, it's a cute pattern, and I love the range of sizes-it's big enough that I could make a pair for all of my girls.

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1 comment:

Naomi Bruette said...

Isn't that a darling outfit! Love the combination of that yellow eyelet and the blue suspenders. Makes me wish I had a girl. ;)
I have two boys but a plethora of nieces. I'm sure that these could be flipped though to make an outfit for my five month old.
I definitely need to start sewing through my stash and stop buying more fabric! Isn't that the dilemma of any sewist though?

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