April 13, 2015

A Fawn Lily Tunic for My Baby

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If you follow me on Instagram (@mamasayssewblog), you might have seen pictures of this tunic already. It's the Fawn Lily from Willow and Company patterns. I've loved the look of this pattern since I first saw it last year, and I love the instructions now that I've sewn it up. It is one of my favorite PDF patterns now.

I made the pleated button down version. I added some piping too, but since I just had a scrap left, I didn't have any for the back. But I still think the back is pretty. I really love the fabric print. I kind of wish I had more than a yard of it.

The pattern and instructions are really well done. Everything lines up really well, and I can tell the designer put a lot of effort into creating the pattern pieces.

I don't have a serger, so I really love when pattern instructions show you how to get a nice clean finish on the inside using only your sewing machine.

I made some ruffled leggings to go with it. I'm excited for my baby to grow into this outfit, although I think it is going to be used only for special occasions.

I also made a bow and some little moccasins to complete the outfit. The bow is made from the same knit fabric as the pants, and I made the moccasins with a free pattern that I adapted. I'm planning on tweaking it a little and sharing what I did if there's any interest. The tutorial for the big fabric bow will be up later this week, so check back!

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Rebecca Holmes said...

beautiful! I love the fabric too. You did. Great job! Did you know you can enter this to wina spot in STYLO magazine? The contest is on the UpCraft site.

Charity said...

I love that pattern! I've only made one, but I have plans for at least three more. The fabrics and buttons you used are darling together!

Terra Sews said...

Thanks Rebecca and Charity!

Majella Vandeputte said...

I love this fabric!
It is a very pretty dress!!!

liliana said...

molto carino complimenti un bacio lili

Naomi Bruette said...

Goodness! This is fabulous and I love the whole combination. I love how the dress has that vintage feel but yet is completely modern.

Oh and your fabric combinations are gorgeous! (I'm just a little obsessed with this aqua color!)

Pinning this for future reference!

Terra Sews said...

Thanks for the nice comment and for pinning!

Bethany said...

I wanted to let you know that I was hoping someone showed the how the inside finishing of this pattern is done - so I googled "fawn lily tunic inside" and found your beautiful post! Thank you. It really is a lovely outfit, and much like the one I have planned (with leggings and a bow). Those boots are really cute and I'll have to look around and see if you did a post on those, too!

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