March 20, 2015

Maggie Color Blocked Dress

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A little while back I posted a review of a Create Kids Couture paper pattern. I also have some of their PDF patterns, so here is my version of their Maggie Color Blocked dress.

I was debating between this dress and the Brownie Goose Lazy Susan, and ended up going with this one because the shoulders looked like they were a little too wide on the Lazy Susan. Also this one was on sale. 

The thing with Create Kids Couture patterns is they have lots and lots of people sewing their beautiful designs, and I have seen some pretty amazing pieces made from their patterns. I've come to the conclusion that those dresses come from people who already have a good working knowledge of sewing techniques. I am no perfectionist and make lots of mistakes, and am still learning new things about sewing, but there are lots of things I disagree with in their tutorials. For example, they say to only use one row of gathering stitches because high quality thread won't break. While this may be true, I like to use at least two rows of gathering stitches. It's a back up for thread breakage, but it also gives you much more even gathers. In this case, I used three rows of gathering stitches just to spite the instructions. And then one of my rows broke. Karma.

Also, most of the tutorial and inspiration photos show the skirt sewn too high on the bodice, so that the color blocking doesn't come to a nice point. I think that's because their seam allowances are off. I had to adjust to get my point nice and sharp when I attached the skirt. I was also disappointed to see when I bought the pattern that it doesn't include pieces for the color-blocking-it has you sew two triangles together and then cut out the bodice. Since the color-blocking was the reason I bought the pattern, I felt a little cheated. Also, it was kind of a waste of my expensive fabric.

One more change I made-the instructions called for a piece of elastic to make the button loop. Instead I did a search for a thread button loop and found a tutorial on youtube. This was my first attempt, and I had a baby on my lap as I was making it, but I still think it looks nicer than a piece of elastic.

Bottom line: I don't think I'd really recommend this particular pattern, as you could really get the same effect with any other bodice and two triangles of fabric. I do love the design though.

Pattern: CKC Maggie
Fabric: Dear Stella Carousel in Indigo
Michael Miller Glitz-mist quarter dot pearlized and sleek chevron pearlized


Laura J. said...

I really appreciate your insightful comments and honesty here. Very refreshing. The dress is gorgeous!

Charity said...

I love the dotty fabric! And the dress turned out cute.
I like thread loops better than elastic too, because as long as I do a good job of sewing them, they last a lot longer.
I appreciate the honesty!

Terra Jennings said...

Wow I would be disappointed too. I really liked this dress pattern and almost bought it and would totally feel jipped that it didn't include the color blocking. Reguardless, your version turned out beautiful! Just shows your awesome talent!

Terra Sews said...

Thanks! I hope it was helpful.

Terra Sews said...

Thanks! I hope I did a good enough job sewing the loop. I guess we'll see!

Terra Sews said...

Well thanks! I do have to credit ckc with a great design!

Willi said...

I was debating between this dress and the Brownie Goose Lazy Susan, and ended up going with this one because the shoulders looked like ...

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