February 19, 2015

Peplum Top Pattern Hack

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This pattern was originally provided to me with the other patterns in a Pattern Parcel Bundle in exchange for me helping to promote them.

Back when I was pregnant, I made a Lady Skater dress into a maternity dress. What I really wanted to do was make a peplum top, but I really don't think if you're pregnant and showing peplums are the way to go. At least not for me. So fast forward to now. 

I used a white knit with some sweater-like texture. I found it at a local fabric shop on clearance for something crazy like a dollar a yard.

I lengthened the top, mostly because I have a long torso, and shortened the skirt into a peplum length. Also, the sleeves are shorter, because that's all I could fit into my yard of fabric.

My preschooler took these pictures for me. And laughed the whole time. Real self-confidence booster.

And we had plenty of outtakes like this one, so I'm hoping that's why she was laughing so much. And yes, those are Christmas lights. Don't judge.

Fabric: Local Clearance

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