February 23, 2015

Autism and Potty Training: When it Doesn't Go as Planned

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My son has autism. I don't really mention that here, not because it's hard for me to talk about, but because I don't really think there's ever been a reason to. But now there is.

We've tried potty training, without a lot of success, so we've had to try alternatives. Now that he's getting older, he doesn't really fit well into diapers anymore, so we have leaks at night. A lot. Which means lots and lots of laundry.

Then I saw soaker pants for kids in cloth diapers, and I thought, hey, how about soaker pants for my little guy? I used the Fancy Pants leggings pattern (originally purchased as part of a bundle) to make him several pairs out of fleece. 

I double layered the fleece in the leg and the bum, and increased the rise. The pattern is really fitted, so I sized up too. After making a test pair, and realizing my mistake. They have been really great. We used to have to wash his sheets all the time-sometimes several times a week. Since starting to use these, we haven't had any leaks onto his sheets. And we used to put him in two diapers, and now only need to use one. So hooray for saving the environment too.

Something like this might also work for kids who have trouble with bed wetting. They look like regular underwear, but are more absorbent. 

The only issue I see with these is that they might get too hot in the winter. We live in a cooler climate, and our son's bedroom is in the basement, so I don't think it will be too much of a problem for us, but it might for someone who lives in, say, Arizona.

I also tried a pair using a briefs pattern. They didn't work as well for us, but they might for someone else.

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Kerry said...

Good idea

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