January 22, 2015

Valentine's Day T-Shirt Dress

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I got a discount on the price of this pattern for blogging about it.

The Fluffy Ruffle T-Shirt Dress requires a ruffle foot. I bought it thinking I had a ruffle foot, but what I had was a gathering foot. So I learned something new-a ruffle foot is not the same as a gathering foot. But I didn't make the dress. Until I got a ruffle foot. 

It includes sizes 2T-7, but I just adjusted the skirt a little to make it for a baby. The pattern calls for a purchased t-shirt, but I made a bodysuit using a pattern, cut a little longer so there would be room for the seam allowance when I attached the top and the bottom of the bodysuit to the skirt.

I originally intended to use this pink bodysuit to attach to the skirt, but it was turning into a hot mess. The ruffle heart was lopsided, so I trimmed it. But then when I attached the neckband, I didn't stretch it enough. And then I realized that I attached it with the wrong side out. But I went ahead and finished it, because I didn't want to just trash it, and I figure that my baby is so darn cute that people are looking at her adorable face rather than her less-than-perfect clothes.

This pattern includes a tutorial for using a ruffler foot, which I found invaluable. Since my ruffler foot was brand new, and didn't come with very good instructions, I was a little intimidated by it. But the instructions in the pattern helped so much. I didn't need to go anywhere else. The tutorial helped me understand the rather cryptic directions on the box of the ruffler foot, and I was ruffling away in no time. So I would recommend the pattern as a great one for trying out a new ruffle foot.

Update: I have since washed this outfit. The instructions say that since the fabric is cut on the bias, the fabric won't fray. While this is true, the unfinished edges aren't clean anymore.


Mack Lily said...

What an adorable dress! Love your choice of fabrics. Hope you love and use your ruffler as much as I use mine! Yes, the edges of bias cut ruffles 'fluff' after washing...but it's so much better than hemming yards of ruffle!

Terra Sews said...

Mack Lily-so true! I was thinking about hemming next time, and came to the conclusion that it was not worth it. It gives it a fun, casual look with the fluffy ruffles.

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