December 29, 2014

DIY Sports Team Ties

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Tie pattern was free because I helped test it.

One of the presents I made for my son this Christmas is a BYU tie. We are a BYU family all the way. When my kids first start to talk, I teach them to say Go BYU! and Die Utes. Okay, kidding. About the die Utes part, anyway.

I used the Little Gentleman Tie pattern and team fabric from Joann.

In order for this to work, you have to get more fabric than the pattern calls for. I got a yard, which was enough for every size I made (although I think you may need more for the tween size). The direction of the print on the fabric means you have to cut the tie parallel to the selvage in order to get the print to be readable when the tie is worn. Otherwise, you'll end up with the print going diagonally if you cut on the bias like the pattern directs.

I was nice and made a tie for my nephew and a skirt for my niece. There was plenty of fabric left after cutting the tie. You could probably make at least 5 ties from one cut of fabric (although that's a guess). For the skirt, I used this free pattern.

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CreativaCale said...

Lovely gifts.
Sending Love and hugs for a wonderful New Year !
Cale for Serbia

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