December 02, 2014

Christmas Headband Tutorial and Pattern

I love working with felt, and after playing around a little, I made this Christmas headband with several different types of felt flowers.

 I made it for Christmas, but you could easily switch up the colors to make it for any time of the year. You could easily switch the number and size of the flowers you use to make your own custom design.

First, go here to download the free PDF pattern.

Note: I have a die cut machine that I used for the spiral flowers. I just drew something similar for the pattern, so it won't be exactly the same.

You'll also need:

Felt {I love wool blend-it has a great texture, but it's more economical than 100% wool felt. I get             mine here.}
Glue Gun + Glue Sticks
Skinny Elastic, Fold-Over Elastic, or similar
Button{s}, optional

Cut out your spiral flowers and roll them up, starting at the outside edge. Secure with glue.

Cut a strip of felt approximately 12 inches by 1 inch.

Fold in half and snip on the folded side. You need to snip the whole length of the felt strip. I just got tired of drawing the lines.

Roll it up, securing with glue as you go.

Separate the felt and add a button in the middle.

For the last flower, cut out 8 circles, plus another one to use as the base.

Then fold each circle into fourths, and secure it with glue. Then glue all 8 circles to the base.

 Cut out your leaves.

Cut out an oval of felt to use as a base. You don't need to be precise. If it's too big, you can trim it later.

Arrange everything how you want it and secure to the base. You want to really squish everything on there, so the base doesn't show in between flowers. 

Flip it over and glue the skinny elastic to the back. Make sure the elastic doesn't twist.

Cut out another oval of felt and glue it to the back to help secure the elastic and hide the messy glue.

And here's the finished headband. Isn't it pretty?


Anne said...

Beautiful! I've got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for this evening that links to your tutorial:

Sharon Collins said...

I love it!

Beyilly87 said...

I am expecting my first baby girl and am definitely looking forward to making some headbands myself!

If you make vintage dresses for babies, I would love to check out a tutorial for those as well.

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