December 17, 2014

Baby Mine From Nimblephish Review

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When I saw the release of the Baby Mine doll from Nimblephish, I grabbed it while it was on sale. I figured with three girls, I'd make it someday. 

I made it for my middle girl because she loves helping with her baby sister. A little too much. So I'm hoping that with her own baby to dress and love, she can stop smothering her baby sister. Maybe.

So I've never sewn any kind of stuffie before (unless you count some attempts when I was about 12-and I don't). The face was the hardest part. This is actually my 2nd attempt. The first was atrocious. Really, really bad. I don't have a picture, because in the middle of the night, I decapitated the doll and tried again. This one is much better, although it still isn't nearly as cute as the pattern picture. And my eyes are too small. I was in a rush to get something to use for eyes, because I had about two minutes before my 20% off Black Friday coupon from Joann's was expired. And I live too far away to make another trip just for eyes.

Anyway, if you decide to make it, the pattern instructions are fine as far as the body construction goes. But they are hard to follow for the face sculpting. There are several videos by Nimblephish on YouTube that are helpful, but they differ a little from the pattern instructions. For example, the pattern has you add the eyes, then stuff, and the videos say to stuff, then add the eyes. Make sure you follow the video-that was part of my problem the first time. The eye markings on the pattern give you really wide spaced eyes, and that made my baby look more like an old, old person rather than a baby. 

And here's another problem I had. I could not get the baby's head to be round. It's more oblong and flat. It looks better with a hat. And luckily, with a new baby in the house, we have lots of clothes for this baby to fit into. 

I do absolutely love that this baby has a belly button...

And check out its cute little tush.

I found this other review of the pattern when I was looking for help sculpting the face.

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Kerry said...

That is adorable. Glad you can put those newborn clothes to good use!

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