November 18, 2014

Stenciled Bodysuits

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Bodysuit pattern was free because I helped test it.

This little outfit was kind of a series of accidents. I was painting something for another project, and came up with idea to freezer paper stencil a triangle pattern on a bodysuit. I used my Silhouette to make it easier, just like I did here.

 I used a stitch on my machine that I've never used before. I didn't have a double needle, so I experimented. This stitch looks like a straight stitch, but it has some stretch. The picture on my machine looks like three rows of stitching, but they're so close together, you can't really tell.

 I had some navy and mint flannel in a fun print that I used to make a little skirt to go with the bodysuit. I added some shoes and voila! A cute little baby outfit. I used the pattern found here for the skirt. The shoes are made with this pattern.

This is the original project. I was making a state bodysuit. But since I'm a little paranoid, and there are creepy people on the internet, I removed the state. It's a simple little project though. Just stencil a state on the bodysuit, and add the "born" with freezer paper letters before painting.

The bodysuit pattern is the Stitchwerx pattern found here. I used Martha Stewart pearlized and metallic paints, mixed with a fabric paint medium.

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Stone Cottage Adventures said...

How cute! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

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