November 10, 2014

Pajamas For Winter

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Last year on Black Friday, I took a trip to JoAnn's to stock up on flannel. I bought a whole bunch, and then never used it. So I decided that since winter is coming, I'd make my girls some cozy pajamas with it.

I made a couple of nightgowns using the Sadie Grace nightgown. It's a simple nightgown with raglan sleeves that is a super quick sew. The neckline is pretty wide, so make sure that you don't cut the notch too low. It tends to fall off my girls' shoulders a bit, but they really love their nightgowns and wear them all the time now.

I also made a couple of pairs of Sweet Dreams PJs. I made one with the plain cuffs, and one with the ruffle cuffs. I always have trouble lining up the cuffs on the underarm seam. But they are pajamas, so oh well. I've said it before and I'll say it again-I'm far from perfect with my sewing.

 The ruffle cuffs are much more finicky, and they don't wash as well-if you want them to lay well after washing, you might have to iron them. But again, my little girl loves them, and they are super cute and girly. She had fun showing me how she could jump off the window seat in them.

And here she is in her "ice cream pajamas" made with the Sadie Grace nightgown pattern.

This is a little trick I use. I don't have personalized tags like some people do, but when I make something like pajama bottoms that don't have a clear front and back, I use a loop of ribbon to make a tag. That helps with self dressing.


Laura J. said...

Love it. I put ribbon tags on everything because otherwise my husband puts clothes on my daughter backwards! Regardless of how obvious the front may seem!

Mae said...

I have wanted to make my kids pajama's EVERY year and then find myself buried in projects only to skip it promising "next year i'll totally get them done." ... in fact, I ALSO bought that pink& grey fox fabric just for pajamas!! Yours are adorable, thanks for sharing the inspiration. I hope I can get mine done this year!

Tiffany Graham said...

I never thought of using ribbon for a tag. I usually cut a piece of knit fabric and tack it it.

BTW those are cute pajamas that you made.

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