November 03, 2014

Arabian Princess Costume

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Okay, so this is too late for this Halloween, but maybe it will help someone out next year...

My daughter wanted to be Snow White for Halloween. Then she saw part of the movie Aladin and changed her mind. She wanted to be Jasmine. I remember being Jasmine when I was about her age, and back then, Jasmine was the equivalent of Elsa-pretty much every other little girl was Jasmine that year. But now, she's not quite so popular.

I didn't want to order a cheaply made costume for an outrageous price, but I also couldn't find a tutorial for a handmade version that I liked. So I came up with my own.

I used a couple of patterns from Peek-a-Boo pattern shop as a starting point. For the pants, I used the bottoms of the Sweet Dreams PJs. I made them a couple of sizes bigger to they would be baggy, and used a baby rib knit fabric to make the waistband. I also added elastic to the leg openings.

I used the winter PJs top for Jasmine's top, adding her top shape into the basic top. I also added loops of the blue fabric for Jasmine's sleeves. They did tend to fall down to her elbows when she wore the costume, but you could pin the blue sleeves to the actual sleeves to remedy that.

I added a headband made with the same blue fabric and a glued-on fake rhinestone that fell off a Cinderella dress.
And there you have it. A somewhat authentic Jasmine costume that could also double as an Elsa-like t-shirt.

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