October 21, 2014

Tooth Fairy Pillow

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We've started losing teeth at our house. Since the tooth fairy likes to not wake the kids up, I made this tooth fairy pillow to make her job a little easier. It also keeps potential lost money catastrophes from happening. 

When our daughter lost her first tooth, she was so excited to leave it under her pillow and get a surprise from the tooth fairy. The next morning, however, she came into our room, very disappointed, saying that the tooth fairy hadn't left her anything. Well, I was pretty sure that the tooth fairy had left something, because I know her {or in this case, him} personally, so I told her to go look again. But with this pillow, she can hang her tooth on her bedpost, and the tooth fairy can slip the surprise into the tooth pocket, with no worries about it getting lost {or waking her up}.

Here's how I made mine. I did an etsy search to get some ideas {and there are pages and pages of tooth fairy pillows} so head over there if you want some other ideas {or want to buy one instead of make one}.

You'll need:
Fabric scraps
Piping {optional}
Embroidery floss
Basic sewing supplies

I started by cutting out two circles for the pillow and two strips of fabric for the door hanger. Then cut out some felt shapes. You can download the template for the bird here.

Pin your piping around the edge of one of the circles, overlapping at the ends.

Open up one end of the piping and snip off the thread inside.

Pin the piping casing over the other end of the piping, so that all raw edges are enclosed.

Baste the piping to the pillow. It is helpful to use a zipper foot. You can leave the piping off, or you could add a ruffle in place of the piping.

Sew on the tooth pocket, making sure to leave the top of the tooth open, so it is actually a pocket and not an applique.

Sew your fabric strips together, then turn right side out and topstitch the sides, to make the hanger.

 Sew on the beak and embroider some feet.

Sew the wing to the bird, and then make a french knot for the eye.

Sew the bird to the pillow.

Pin the hanger to the tooth side of the pillow.

Layer the bird on top, right sides together with the other pillow circle. Stitch all the way around, leaving a small opening to turn.

Turn the pillow right side out and stuff it with some batting. Slip stitch the pillow closed.

Now you're ready for the tooth fairy! This would be easy to switch up for a boy-you could do dinosaurs, trucks, or whatever your little guy likes.

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