September 18, 2014

Ruffled Cupcake Backpack

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I came across the Cozy Cakes Backpack Pattern when it was on sale, and on an impulse, decided to buy it. Later, I was looking for something for my daughter for her birthday and remembered this pattern. So I decided to get all the supplies and make it. Oh, did I mention that her birthday was the next day? And it was already 8 o'clock at night? Yeah. Probably not the smartest idea.

I decided to make the frosting in different shades of pink. The cupcake wrapper fabric I already had (not sure where from, I think it may have been a prize I won?), and as a bonus, it was similar to the cupcake wrappers I used for her birthday cupcakes. In fact, the whole thing looks a lot like her birthday cupcakes, complete with the cherry on top.

See? Almost an exact replica. Almost.

This pattern calls for a LOT of notions. I couldn't find D-rings, so I used parachute buckles, which I think turned out better. They're a little more secure. Also, this pattern took me about seven hours from cutting to finish. And I started at 9 PM. So I was pretty tired by the time I finished it. 

I love how it turned out. My daughter loves it too! She puts her little treasures in there and carries them everywhere.

As far as the pattern goes, it was pretty well written. I didn't have any major issues, even though I was making it in the middle of the night, and my vision was starting to blur. Literally. 
And that cupcake design was amazingly cute. I also really liked how the straps were constructed. They are padded to make it more comfortable to wear. The zipper instructions were great too. There's also a little pocket on the inside. And the cherry on top is just icing on the cake. Ha, ha.

There were a couple of things about the pattern that were a little odd. There were several times during the construction process where I was like, Huh, I've never done that before. It is a unique design, and so I guess it calls for unique ways of doing things. 
The inside is unlined, so it looks a little messy. If you have a serger, I'd recommend serging the edges. I only have a regular sewing machine, so there is a lot of zig zag stitches that look messy on the inside. The tutorial does say you can finish those edges with bias tape, but that would make an already lengthy process even lengthy-er. 
The cupcake ruffles aren't finished on the ends. Unless I missed that step, which is entirely possible. I think it looks better, but I am a little worried about how well the ruffles will wear, since the raw edges are just folded under.

Also, keep in mind that this is a pretty small backpack. Great for a preschooler, maybe not so much for an older girl.

Bottom line: I love the uniqueness and all around adorableness of this backpack. I would definitely make it again, and I recommend the pattern if you're willing to make the time commitment.

1 comment:

Charity said...

That is super-cute! The black-and-white fabric looks just like a cupcake liner!
Maybe a good way to sew the ruffles would be folding them in half, right sides together, sewing the two short ends, then turning them right side out. I'd probably do that and a lining to hide the edges inside. My oldest daughter has been obsessed with cupcakes lately, so if I get a chance I'm going to try this one out. =)

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