September 17, 2014

GoTo Leggings Review

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Disclosure: I received this pattern free of charge in exchange for my review.

I made them in a white knit with black polka dots, and I think they are so cute! My daughter says they're her favorite too!

I originally intended to sew these up using the keyhole back option, but I ended up going a different route, so they are a little different than the original pattern. It's a super easy pattern hack if you want to make them like this. All I did was shorten them, then sewed the bow from the keyhole back onto the sides instead of the back.

They are a super easy and quick sew. And really cute! Seriously, sewing up a pair of basic leggings is probably just as fast as going to the store to buy a pair if you use fabric in your stash. If you don't go the basic route, it will take longer. I also recommend that you follow the pattern instructions closely, even if you think you know what you're doing! I messed up the first time around (my fault) because I thought I could make they keyhole without the instructions. Oops. But everything worked out in the end! I wouldn't have made them like this if I hadn't messed up, so all's well that ends well.

These come with lots of options, so you can customize them for your little girl! Head on over to GoTo Patterns to get your copy.

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