August 25, 2014

Sewing for Baby with a Rolled Hem Foot

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Bodysuit and leggings patterns were free for helping test. Anytime tee was free in exchange for a previous blog review.

My sewing machine came with a bunch of feet. I really only use the regular one, the zipper one, and the button hole one. Over a year ago, I looked them all up to see what the heck they were called. And that was as far as I got. Until now....

I made this bodysuit with the pattern from Stitchwerx. I thought it was cute, but a little too gender neutral. I wanted to girlie it up a little.

So I made a pair of Stitchwerx Essential Leggings with the ruffle hem to go with them. I don't have a serger, but that's where my rolled hem foot came in. I finished the ruffle bottom with my rolled hem foot. I couldn't find the link the tutorial I used, but just google ruffled hem foot tutorial and take your pick.

It's definitely not perfect, but it worked much better than it would have without the rolled hem foot.

I was on a roll (ha, ha), so I went to the Anytime at All Tee from Shwin Designs next. I added three rows of ruffles to the back, again finishing the edges with my rolled foot. This fabric was a heavier weight, and it worked really well if I do say so myself.

I didn't realize I could get edges like this with a regular sewing machine. Maybe I can go a little longer without that serger....

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