August 04, 2014

Persnickety Ruffle Sleeve Top Knock-Off

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I used the Anytime Tee, which was free to me for a previous blog review. I also had the fabric free that I won in a contest earlier.

Hi everyone! I'm excited to be participating in the Knock it Off series over at Elegance and Elephants.

This is from the Persnickety Autumn Splendor line. I only had grey and white stripe, but I thought that would work too. And of course, what is a Persnickety knock-off without an over the top headband?

This top is on pre-order right now for $68. I made it with some fabric that I won from the Fabric Fairy, so it was 100% free, but with a yard of fabric, it would still be only about $10. Great deal! Hooray!

If you want to participate, there is a sew-along with two prizes awarded at random from the submissions to the Knock it Off Flickr group.  The prizes will be $100 and $50 gift certificates to Gold Star Tools.

Here's how I made my knock-off.

For this top, you can really use any slim-fitting knit top as a starting point. Cut it out, making a few adjustments, as follows.

Optional: Cut the neckband on the bias. I like the way the stripes look if you cut on the bias.

Cut the sleeve about three inches shorter than you want it to end up. Remember there is probably a hem allowance (which you don't need). Also make sure to account for a seam allowance. Measure the width of the sleeve and double that measurement.

Cut out the ruffle against the grain, so the stripes are going vertically rather than horizontally. The ruffle should be about 3 inches high by the measurement from the last step. Note: I made a size 6, so the height of the ruffle might be more or less, depending on the size you make. Again, make sure to add a seam allowance to your height measurement. If you want it hemmed, you'll also need to add height for that.

Run two rows of gathering stitches and gather the ruffle to fit the sleeve. At this point, sew the shirt, right up until you should hem the sleeves. Don't do that, but attach the ruffle instead, as follows.

Sew the side seam of the ruffle so that the ruffle is in continuous circle.

With right sides together, stitch the ruffle to the sleeve, lining up the underarm seam with the seam you made in the previous step. Make sure to use a stitch that will stretch.

Remove the gathering stitches and press the ruffle away from the sleeve, pressing the seam allowance toward the sleeve.

Finish any other steps the pattern calls for and there you go!

Here's a schedule, so you can check out the other great knock-offs.

Elegance & Elephants


Stone Cottage Adventures said...

C U T E ! ! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Joy Candrian said...

Love this top! My daughter's love Persnickety & love it when I duplicate this look for my grand daughters. Pinning it. Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Great job! Lol @ "over the top headband".

Courtney Davis said...

Such a great top!

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