August 05, 2014

DIY Kitty Pinata

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First of all, I have to admit my epic fail with this pinata. It was supposed to be a specific kitty, but I was making it late the night before the party. And I was soooo tired, and I thought, I'll finish it up tomorrow. But then I had all the day-of preparations, and I realized after the kids had smashed up the pinata that I did something awful.

 I. Forgot. The. Bow.

So instead of being Hello Kitty, it is just Kitty. With pink and purple stripes on the side, which my daughter loved. So all's well that ends well. But I still wish it had a bow.

And here it is hanging up. Hours of work destroyed in about two minutes. It's worth it to see the delight on little faces though!

Here's how to make one.

I got all my supplies from the dollar store, so the total cost was about $6, plus some paper scraps for the face.

Note: I was inspired by this pinata and this one.
Draw a pattern onto tissue paper. I just free-handed mine on the fold, so when I cut it out, both sides would be the same.
 Trace your pattern onto foam core board.
 Cut out two (front and back) from your foam core board.
 Cut out strips from white poster board. 
 Tape the strips around one of your foam core board shapes. I layered my strips so that it would be sturdier. The bottom (where the weight of the candy is going to be) has about three layers of poster board.
Make sure to leave an opening to add candy later. Tape the other foam core shape to the poster board.
 Cut tissue paper into strips and fringe one side. Yes, this takes forever.
 Starting at the bottom, layer the strips across the front and back of your kitty face. I also used purple and pink crepe paper to make stripes on the side, but you could just wrap white all the way around if you wanted to.
 Add the candy.
 Layer some more fringes on a piece of poster board.
 Tape it to the opening to close it up.
Decorate the outside (don't forget to add a bow!) and you're done!

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Punky Moms said...

We love this over at Punky Moms! Going to link back to it on Sept 19th (scheduling posts at the moment)

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