August 15, 2014

Baja Hoodie Take 2

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Pattern was free for helping test.

So this is probably a little late in the summer to be posting this project. I finished them a little later than I originally planned to. Just in time for swimming lessons. But right now is a good time to find beach towels on clearance, so grab some now and save them for next year. This is a great way to use them!

I first made the Baja Hoodie for my son. This year I decided to make a couple for my girls. I decided to go up a size, so that they would last through next summer for them. This bigger size is perfect for when they're really cold. See below. Just don't try to walk when it's like that!

It's also great for playing with any dogs that happen to be around.

Since I made them out of the same towels, I used different colors of bias binding so I wouldn't have to constantly compare them to see which one was the bigger/smaller one. I also cut the bottom of the hoodie right on the hem of the towel to save time. That way, I didn't have to use the bias tape there.

Fabric: Towels from Wal-Mart

Binding: I made my own

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